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UNESCO launches a global consultation to develop a standard-setting instrument on Open Science


FYI, I just stumbled upon a new consultation started by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on setting a standard for open science:

UNESCO, as the United Nations Agency with a mandate for Science, is the legitimate global organization enabled to build a coherent vision of Open Science and a shared set of overarching principles and shared values. That is why, at the 40th session of UNESCO’s General Conference, 193 Member States tasked the Organization with the development of an international standard-setting instrument on Open Science in the form of a UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science.

UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science will be prepared through a regionally balanced, multistakeholder, inclusive and transparent consultation process. This process is guided by an Open Science Advisory Committee and is expected to lead to the adoption of the Recommendation by UNESCO Member States in 2021.

As UNESCO launches its consultation process on Open Science, an online survey is designed to conduct inputs from all the regions and the interested stakeholders, about aspects, benefits and challenges of Open Science across the globe.

All Open Science stakeholders, including scientists and scientific institutes, science publishers, science policy makers etc., are encouraged to participate and to share their insights trough a global survey. In addition, you can help the collection of a broader perspective on Open Science by sharing this survey among your network.

I suspect people here might be interested in giving comments for this important consultation. I’ll certainly pitch in a submit my comments.


Thank you!

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Where did you find it Pen?
It is a great survey, they mention hardware a few times, I will share it with as many people as I can. I am also interested to see what comes out of it.

It is also nice to see the open hardware logo in their artwork!


They also use the ReactJS logo.

further info

I am kidding! Lest Niels Bohr turns over in his grave. Unless… maybe God uses Javascript? :thinking:


thanks! right on the money!

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Didn’t notice the ReactJS logo! I wonder who designed that graphic…

@julianstirling: I stumbled upon it on Reddit (where else!?).

Anyway, the survey isn’t long so I encourage people to fill it in!

You have to click “further info” for the joke reveal.

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Done, thank you for sharing!

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