Standards! - Unconference session at GOSH 2022

Postit prompts

  • Connecting OSH and FOSS efforts, specially to support common metadata practices.
    • Broad metadata about projects?
  • Adoption of standards - what is needed to make this happen?
  • Hardware standards at least for common problems.
  • Integrating OSH for platform-level standards in science.
    • What does “platform” mean in this context?
  • Methods of standardizing open hardware designs.
    • About content: BOM, Design files, …
    • About how to design: no black boxes, modularity, reusability, repairability.
    • About how to implement: electronics, mechanics, whatever!
  • How does open hardware gain credibility for use in academia. Eg. there is no standard for testing or calibration for DIY hardware.
    • Being the “far superior” product.
    • What does “for DIY hardware” mean? free?
    • Do we need testing devices?

Facilitation ideas

  • Come up with a standards game we can play.
  • List of common problems and solutions.
    • Example: “EMI noise countermeasures and related standards”.
    • Micropipettes?
    • Map each device to a standard.
    • Make a list of first implementation steps towards standardization (isolation, not routing traces on top of each other in PCBs). Standard practices to build stuff. Make a booklet on critical things to watch out for. This is very related to design decisions.
    • Make a list of testing tools (e.g. ventmon).
  • Standardize interfaces between OSH devices.



  • Exploratory.
  • Get work done: prepare a fanzine of common problems we know and how we fixed them. Towards the booklet.

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Pierre’s session notes: Standarisation - HedgeDoc

  • George: People need to get together and find which “standards” are needed for projects, and how get there.
  • Katie: How can we create standards for performance criteria? To make easy for governments to select tools. There are many standards organisations, there is the internet of production.

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