UKRI Metascience research grants 2024


UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) is the primary public research funding body in the United Kingdom. They just “pre-announced” a new “metascience” research grant, with more details to come in April 2024:

Why should we care?

The call is for proposing research projects that “…have potential to inform science policy, R&D funding practices, or practice within research-performing organisations.” In my view, there might be an angle for open science hardware. In total, there are GBP 3 million up for grabs.

What’s the catch?

The organisation making the proposal must be based in the UK, BUT “collaborations between UK-based and international researchers are strongly encouraged”.

So, maaaaybe GOSH people based at UK research institutions (e.g. @amchagas, @jcm80, @hpy, et al. and - until recently - @jarancio) could initiate something with international GOSH partners to the benefit of GOSH and open science hardware.

I don’t have a project idea in mind, but wanted to post this here in case YOU do!

pinging @briannaljohns for newsletter?


If only someone had just formed a centre entirely about Open Hardware and could lead such a thing from their new lecturing role… @amchagas!!