UKRI Metascience grants now open until July 2024

FYI update on previous post:

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) is the primary public research funding body in the United Kingdom. They have now announced details for their new “metascience” research grant:

Why should we care?

The call is for proposing research projects that “…have potential to inform science policy, R&D funding practices, or practice within research-performing organisations.” In my view, there might be an angle for open science hardware. In total, there are GBP 5 million up for grabs where applicants can apply for up to GBP 300000 per project.

What’s the catch?

Sadly, the organisation making the proposal must be based in the UK and eligible for UKRI funding, BUT “collaborations between UK-based and international researchers are strongly encouraged”, and “…we are keen to support grant holders in developing links with leading researchers in their field both in the UK and internationally”.

So, maaaaybe GOSH people based at UK research institutions (e.g. @amchagas, @jcm80, @rbowman, @hpy, et al. and - until recently - @jarancio) could initiate something with international GOSH partners to the benefit of GOSH and open science hardware.

I don’t have a project idea in mind, but wanted to post this here in case YOU do!


Applications must be submitted before:

16 July 2024 16:00 UK time

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Dear friends,

I’m very interested in this, these two topic areas are mostly in my ballpark (though I can probably work on some of the others too):

allocation of research funding, including the impacts of different methods of peer review and different modes of funding (for example, fellowships, research grants) on the distribution of research funds and scientific and career outcomes

improving the impact and dissemination of research outputs, including the role of technology transfer offices, different publication practices, conferences, and knowledge dissemination platforms

and I think we can build a solid case for Open Science, what do you think? I’d love to work on something with anybody!

best wishes,


I am a Plant science researcher (Ph.D.) from India (Indian Agricultural Research Institute) with experience in plant phenomics, high throughput phenotyping, NUE, WUE and QTL mapping. I am interested in involvement with any interesting project and collaboration with any UK partner.


Hi, I’m interested in this.

Personally, I’m interested in opening up the practice of science to more people, rather than the current understanding of Open Science, which in my opinion, sees the publlic more as passive consumers of scientific results. I’d be particularly interested in anything around making scientific communities and equipment more accessible.

I’m also somewhat interested in careers, especially the less prominent ones.

I am currently employed by UKRI, and by one of the research councils that is funding the call, not sure how that affects things. I’m sure the answer is complicated and deeply bureaucratic. I mention this not because I have any say over the funding - I very much do not - but because I’ve been thinking a lot about Open Science with regard to UKRI quite a bit.

Send me a DM if you’d like to chat, and I’ll give you my email.


Dear friends, after a long and quite broad chat with @lucaswilkins, we tried to come up with some potential research questions, including…

• “Ought the scientist of the future be an open scientist? Insights from the history, sociology and politics of scientific knowledge production and its relationship with (democratic) societal needs”. 

• Say the government had a budget to spend on open hardware, where would you get the best value for money? Value here in the broadest sense.
    ◦ Could look at case studies, communities, other existing projects.  Also ask the hypothetical ‘what could you do if you had the money?’ and ‘what non-financial support would further your goals?’

What do you think? Are there any other questions you think would be good?

Please contact us if you would be interested to form a team around this or a similar question.

Best Wishes,

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