TanzaniaOSH 2022 Summit

Greetings from TanzaniaOSH!

We will be using this channel to share the updates for our upcoming event. Stay tuned :blush:

The Summit will be on: 2022-10-13T05:00:00Z2022-10-14T14:00:00Z


TanzaniaOSH 2022 Updates
Greetings from TanzaniaOSH.
The following are some updates of the event preparations.

  1. The event dates have changed from 13 - 14 October to 12 - 13 October. This is under the fact that, 14th October is the public holiday.
  2. Applications are now open until 5th October. Here is the link: Microsoft Forms
  3. We got more partners in organizing the summit: Buni Hub, BTech Labs, Robotech Labs, Tanzania Open Innovation Organization and Ifakara Innovation Hub.
  4. All kits and materials for Hands-on Sessions have been procured and shipped.

Stay tuned for more updates…

Karibu Tanzania!!

  1. Our Website is now live: https://tanzaniaosh.or.tz
  2. Here is our application poster:


Dear GOSHers… Greetings from TanzaniaOSH!!

We are delighted to inform you that, our 1st TanzaniaOSH Summit has officially launched…

Day one of the event is today!!

Our event can be live streamed via this zoom link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

You can also access the images of the event through this link: TANZANIA OPEN SCIENCE HARDWARE SUMMIT


Congratulations @valerian :clap:


Hi! Do you have any more pictures or details from the event? When i go to the website, it is just the one photo of the event.

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Pictures are in this link: TanzaniaOSH Photos
The report is coming out soon.



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Thanks so much @valerian! :smile: Is there a way to view the photos without signing in? The page is giving me a registration thing. Also, just to confirm, is there other documentation from the event?

Happy to help out designing a banner for next time :slight_smile:
someone seems to have had a fun time with repeating logos…