Survey on research culture and barriers to open science - please complete and share!

Hello everyone,

If you conduct research in some way and have ~10 minutes :stopwatch:, can you please help complete a survey I am running here :clipboard::


:link: shortened link:

This survey asks questions about the research culture in your field/discipline, including possible barriers to doing open science such as publishing ideas, methods, data, etc.

:hourglass_flowing_sand: The deadline for submission is end-of-day on Sunday, February 5 2023 (AoE).

:1st_place_medal: Everyone who completes and submits this survey can choose to enter a drawing for a prize worth GBP £25!!!

Anonymised results from this survey will be summarised in a report I am writing for UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), the primary public research funder in the United Kingdom. It will inform a better understanding of, and possible reforms to, research institutions and the development of new research publishing platform(s). I am doing this wearing my hat :womans_hat: as an open science researcher at the University of Bristol, and this survey is a follow-up to the interviews I did recently.

Also, please share this survey among your networks! :handshake: I hope to get responses from researchers representing different disciplines in the natural and social sciences.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and thank you in advance for your time! :bowing_woman: :pray:

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I’m very curious about the results! My publication just came out where I use literature data and personal discussions to highlight a number of open hardware in science related barriers and opportunities for technology access. In PLoS Biology: Open hardware: From DIY trend to global transformation in access to laboratory equipment A servey will be nice and complementary.

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@Tobey thank you! I’ll be sure to share the learnings here. There will be a report, though I’m struggling a bit about if, how, and where a potential paper from this could be published. It is not specific to any discipline so I don’t know what journals would be interested…

And thank you for sharing your PLoS Biology paper, such a great exposure for open science hardware!

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