Would you like to be interviewed? Division of labour, credit, and publishing research

Hello everyone,

One project I am part of is :octopus: Octopus, a new academic publishing platform (the software stack is open source here!) supported by Research England (one of the main scientific funding bodies in the UK), the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), and the UK Reproducibility Network. The idea is to break down an academic publication into smaller publishable parts like ones for research ideas, methods, data, etc.

This project is seeking to better understand existing perceptions by researchers on the division of research labour, how credit/attribution is given, and publishing practices in their field.

To that end, I am seeking diverse researchers - broadly defined, you don’t strictly need to be in a university or research institution - who have experience publishing an output of their work. :loudspeaker: If you have just over an hour and identify as someone who conducts and publishes research in some form, then I’d love to talk to you!

Please respond or DM me if you’re up for an online interview, likely in November 2022 but exact timing is flexible and I’m happy to work with you. Alternatively, if you will be at the meeting in Panama, we could do this in person.

We could offer a small gesture of GBP 20 for your time. I recognise this is not much, but wish you would accept this token of appreciation for participation.

Thank you! :pray: :pray:

P.S. To be clear, the interview is not only about hardware, but research culture in general.

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Hello. I’m interested in engaging in this research with you. I’m a researcher in Civil Engineering with some publications. I’d like to be interviewed and I’m available anytime you’re ready.

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Amazing, thank you @Femi!! :hearts: I’m sending you a direct message where we can discuss details.

Thank you @Femi I got your email and will set up a meeting with you soon!