ROŠA Gathering - Indonesia

Continuing the discussion from Apply here for GOSH's 2022 Regional Events Funding! (Round 1):

Happy to announce that we received the regional events funding from Round 1 for activities this Spring / Summer in Indonesia and South East Asia.

In short:
“A regional event series combining a longer on-site residency, multi-geographical work connection local outreach tour, as-well as a research & production lab and a gathering of interesting players from the region of South East Asia.”

1 April - Start of local preparation phase
mid May / June - Start of residency (duration 5-8 weeks)
We are now re-scheduling the planned activities, cos it’s getting a bit late. Also the whole month of April is Ramadan, which will delay active meetings and workshops to later in May and June.

The details of our application are here.

Stay tuned for updates about this event series on this thread!