Anybody going to Bali Fab Fest?

While we are preparing here our regional activities of ROŠA - Regional Open Science Hardware & Art, Indonesia i stumbled of the upcoming Bali Fab Fest.
Is anybody from the larger GOSH network planing to participate there?

Our activities in Yogya and beyond are going far beyond their schedule, starting now and throughout october including early november.

So mbe we can host some of those travelling sofar also with us?

Greetings from gudskul, Jakarta, just landed and will do a workshop tomorrow for “drawing your own PCBs”, similar to that one i already did back in the days in 2017, in Santiago.



I will be there. 12-22 Oct proposed a workshop on scoby based vegan leather still working out the logistics


hei @saadcaffeine you should really also look into the nata de coco, bacterial nano cellulose. working with more “pure” bacterial cultures.

i have some batches growing in yogya at the moment…
please also come here anyway!



Wow so interesting ,making own PCBS would be area to concentrate in order to strengthen my innovations.

I remember making some pisibi late night in a bar in Santiago de Chile… during GOSH 2017.

or in Japan.

or in Yogya.

it’s super easy and hundreds of instructions on youtube…

He is one of my favorites!

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