Printed hole test object


Hi all, for those of you interested in 3D printing, particularly printing parts that you then screw together, we have a test object that it would be interesting to share with you all. The #OpenFlexure project uses “self tapping” holes in printed parts. We’d like to hear from people with different printers to ours how well these works - test object and Google form link here:




This is awesome! Thanks for sharing @rbowman


Very cool. I’ll have a go at this. We currently use tri-lobed self tapping screws designed for use in plastic moldings. They form threads (rather than cutting) in the same way as forcing a standard screw into a triangular hole. That’s a really good idea…

The reason we use thread forming screws for 3D prints is that the manufacturing part of the company uses them - so there are lots available for R&D to use! the brand we use is Taptite. They just work in a simple cylindrical hole. But the idea of using a triangular hole is so great!
Love the flexure microscope stage. I’m a big fan.
(Malvern Instruments)