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PLEASE VOTE: Choosing a GOSH logo

[EDIT: Please scroll down to the 14th post for the poll!]

Hi everyone,

I was thinking about the branding discussions we have had in recently (I thought they were in the Product Development thread but they aren’t). Does GOSH actually have a logo? If not it would be nice if we did so groups/projects/members can all put it on their website as a bit of subliminal advertising for the community.

I am not sure the best way to do this? What I have normally done in the past is made my own logos that are so bad someone artistic takes pity on me and makes me a better one.


Hey @julianstirling this is what we’ve used as the logo, I’m not sure it’s actually “official” but it’s worked for the purposes we’ve needed it for :slight_smile:

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It would be nice to have a logo that looks good when small like for a favicon (the logo in the tab for a website) and looks OK in 2 tone so we can laser cut it into things.

If we had something like that, then we can put the logo everywhere, on the website as the logo. On the as the community GitLab icon, on the Matrix room.

I just mocked up this (not very good thing):
But it still works at icon size
logo24x24 logo16x16

Which the other one doesn’t so much:
other24x24 other16x16

Not saying we should use my logo!


At GOSH residence we made in Brazil, last year, Sol, one of the residents, made a visual identity for de Latino-america residence under CC-BY-SA. It’s all explained here (spanish).
It can be an inspiration!


There is also sort of a ‘visual identity’ that started with the roadmap and was used at later events:





Yes! They are great. If you vectorise it and bold up the some of the lines it works OK a logo:

24x24 px RM_Logo24 and 16x16 px RM_Logo16

Also in black and white

24x24px RM_Logo_bw24 and 16x16px RM_Logo_bw16


This looks good! Thanks for making the edits @julianstirling!

we could also use a circular background:


with shorter ‘arms’ maybe?


or like this?



I think we have the design files for this logo (@jcm80 wasn’t there a dropbox folder?). I can also request them from the designer if necessary.

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I have made a new repository on GitLab for visual identity. It would be good if we collect some possible versions of the logos. If you put an SVG of a logo (without spaces in the filename) into the repository it will add it to this website in a variety of sizes. Once we have a selection we could do a poll?

If people have SVG logos and can’t upload them contact me on here and we will work it out.

@gpereyrairujo is the round one I made OK? Do you have SVGs of the others?


that’s very cool @julianstirling!!
I submitted the other logos to the repository… I think you need to approve the changes

I merged them and it built. RoadmapRoundCuteCircles looks awesome in black and white

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+1 for the last one that’s way zoomed in, it reminds me of the Ubuntu logo, I like it!

Well it has been about a month and there are no more logo designs so I think it is time to have a poll. The logo candidates are:




You can also see the black and white versions and how they look at different sizes.

Please fill in the poll below. I have given options for those who don’t like the current versions or want me to calm down and stop making polls.

  • RoadMapRound
  • RoadMapSquare
  • RoadmapRoundCute
  • RoadmapRoundCuteCircles
  • A different logo
  • We should do this poll another time

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Voted @julianstirling

Thanks for this @julianstirling @gpereyrairujo and others! I have voted - hope some others can contribute! I have tweeted a link from the GOSH account :slight_smile:

Voted ! Thanks !!

I would vote for the black logo, which is closer to the G. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I would try to edit the poll to add that logo, but that might break everything.