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A new GOSH logo!?

The poll to vote on a logo has run it’s course. I hope that that means that we have a new fancy logo!

Part of the reason I pushed for a logo was so we could have something that worked well in black and white. So to celebrate @gpereyrairujo’s wonderful design, I have laser laser cut it into a lovely piece of maple!

Assuming everyone is happy with the new design. I will go about cropping the white-space from the SVGs and make a little visual identity pack for GOSH.

On the topic of visual identity, does anyone have a font preference? I tend to pick Open Sans for everything as it is Open and generally simple and inoffensive.


Nice! Really love the laser cut design!!
I like Open Sans, also Roboto and Aileron is good for something a bit different.


I’ve added it as the small forum logo. When we decide on the font I can make a larger version as well to replace the “GOSH Community Forum” text.

Edit: What font is this?


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Don’t know. Of the 3 fonts that are mentioned so far none of them have any Os that are quite as circular. I actually really like the circular Os.

I suppose the other question that this begs is does GOSH stand for
“Gathering for Open Science Hardware”
“Global Open Science Hardware”
I always thought it was the first, but some some things seem to imply the second?