OPPORTUNITY: Panel at FOSS-ASIA on Open Source Health HW and SW


I have been invited to be on a panel discussing open-source hard and soft wares.
I am NOT an organizer. I was invited a couple weeks ago.
The organizer is asking for recommendations for other panelists. Are you interested? Could be fun!


Please reply to this thread, or email me biomurph at gmail dot com

Here’s a description of the panel
Title: Why we need more Open Source HW and SW for Health Applications

Often proprietary health applications, hardware and software, don’t meet
the needs of the patients. There are data leaks, insufficient
individualization, unattractive aesthetic design, unsatisfactory
usability and a lack of self-determination in context with technical
solutions for health. We want to speak about these issues, give you some
examples and figure out what open source can make better.

Yes, I know. It’s a hard thing to tackle. So many issues.

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Do you know which day it is. I have a commitment I can’t move on the 9th, but I am interested. We have made a lot of progress with working towards certification for the microscope. @valerian would be good to invite coming from the manufacturing side of the project.

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The summit is April 7 - 9. Not sure when the panel is scheduled for