Open Source Ecology Germany is looking for volunteer reviewers

Dear GOSH people,

You are an open hardware enthusiast and want to contribute? – Awesome!

DIN SPEC 3105-2 is going into application!

Open Source Ecology Germany e.V. ( is looking for great people, willing to support the idea of open source hardware right now (Oct. 2020). How? – By becoming a volunteer reviewer of an open source project. This means the project was originally created by another person/ team. Now you are checking/reviewing it.

Scope of review: Review is according to DIN SPEC 3105-2. So the reviewer double-checks the completeness of technical documentation (=are you as a reviewer enabled, by the given documentation, to explain how this hardware works and actually build it?). Reviewing technical aspects is out of scope for now. – If you want to comment that: file upstream. :slight_smile:

The platform for reviewing open source projects is Open Hardware Observatory (OHO; Never heard of OHO? - OHO in a nutshell: OHO is both 1.) a crawler based search engine for open source hardware (OSH) and do it yourself (DIY). 2.) a “conformity assessment body according to DIN SPEC 3105-2”, which is basically a (fully forkable) platform to review the technical documentation of OSH designs.

More insights?

Curious, what kind of projects we have? Go to OHO WIKI ( Have a look at the list of projects waiting for review. Want to see an example? These are 3 projects:

1.) Open Hardware Loom:,_Open_Source_Ecology_Germany

2.) Cosi Measure:

3.) Precious Plastic – Extrusion machine:,_Precious_Plastic

If you are interested in reviewing a project, you are welcome! Further questions? Get in touch with us (!




I get a 403 Forbidden error on the pages :slightly_frowning_face:

Same here, but I think it is because the links are tied to the GMX mailserver somehow…
the ones below work though :wink: