OSEGeV Conformity Assessment Body for Open Source Hardware looking for Reviewers

Hello GOSH Community

My name is Nils and I am speaking for Open Source Ecology Germany e.V. (#OSEG). I would like to introduce you to our current project, the Conformity Assessment Body (#CAB). The project is continuing the first approach presented in this thread: Open Source Ecology Germany is looking for volunteer reviewers.

:slot_machine: What’s this about
Open Source Hardware (#OSH) names physical artefacts with blueprints published under free and open licenses. The #DINSPEC3105 is a pilot project to create the first official standard for OSH and make it a reliable size. The OSEG CAB is the first prototype of the assessment procedure attempting to confirm the reproducibility of OSH.

The DIN SPEC 3105 was already discussed in this thread: Contribute to the development of an international open source hardware standard - #6 by Moe

:mag_right: What we are looking for
Currently we are looking for reviewers that help us assess the documentations of technologies to ensure their reproducibility. Reviewers are experts in different fields of technology, like electronics and mechanical engineering that are able to evaluate the quality of the documentation. The specific requirements depend on the projects. We can offer a small compensation for each review!

:gear: Current projects
Find the list of our current projects open for review here: Issues · OSE Germany e.V. / Projekte / CAB / OSEGeV Conformity Assessment Body · GitLab

If you are interested in the project please contact us. Don’t be afraid, you are free to ask all the questions you like! :star:

:mailbox_closed: For personal contact please find us on telegram (Telegram: Join Group Chat) or contact us via e-mail: cab@ose-germany.de

:compass: Further information on the CAB:

I will keep you updated with posts on the projects that are looking for reviewers. Thanks for reading and a wonderful evening to you!

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Project Profile: UniProKit

The Universal Prototyping kit is an Open Source Library with components for several OSH projects.

Project Repo: Upklib – Open Source Ecology - Germany

Reviewer requirements: Experts from mechanical engineering

Project Profile: Küstenbiene

The Küstenbiene bees wrap is a natural wrap for preserving food. The documentation contains instructions for a small scale series production of the wrap.

Project Repo: https://wikifactory.com/+kuestenbiene

Reviewer requirements: No special requirements
Hint: The project type (production instructions) is the first of it’s kind, thus this is a pilot project in the assessment procedure

Project Profile: Windkit

The Windkit is a small offgrid WindTurbine developed by deltaEmpower. The project is still in prototyping stage but already offers a very detailed documentation.

Project Repo: deltaempower/windkit - windkit - deltaGit

Reviewer requirements: Experts from mechanical engineering

Project Profile: MNT Reform

The MNT reform is a modular notebook with exchangable components designed for a long life.

Project Repo: MNT Reform: A free and open source modular computing platform

Reviewer requirements: Experts from electrical engineering

Project Profile: Duetta

Duetta is a tandem bike constructed from the scratch. The documentation contains the frame design as well as instructions for the bike assembly.

Project Repo: https://wikifactory.com/@sentidosdi/duetta-bicycle-to-share

Reviewer requirements: Experts from mechanical engineering with knowledge in bike construction