Open science hardware assembly at 35C3



I registered an open science hardware assembly for the upcoming Chaos Communication Congress. This should mean we will have a table to meet and discuss and hopefully show off some hardware (if you are coming, please bring some!)


If anyone wants to send me something to showcase at the assembly. Let me know. There will be over 15,000 geeks at the congress so it’s a good opportunity to advertise. :grin:


Hi kaspar, this is Erik from the FSFE and I kind of organise the cluster about:freedom at 35C3, see here:

We are a big fan of open science and so I think the open science hardware assembly might make a good fit for our cluster. Especially if you also do some advocacy towards open science / hardware?

If you feel we have things in common, I wanted to invite you to be part of our cluster. That would mean, however, you would be the only hardware-related assembly in it. Not sure if this in your interest. In any case, please let me know by writing me an email:

I only registered here to leave this message and will most probably not recognise any answer in here.