Call for participation/sunbathing: CCCamp 2019 - August 21-25 (north of Berlin)


similar to the yearly Chaos Computer Club congress (see Open science hardware assembly at 35C3, #35C3 call for participation, which BTW went pretty well GOSH-wise!) there’s a summer camp.
But in contrast to the congress this camp is much more special. In short:

  • takes place only every 4 years; this time August 21-25, north of Berlin
  • fiber network and power across 500 x 500 m^2 of green camping field
  • sunburns and a lake for swimming included
  • disco globes in trees and self-built laser projectors lighting up the night sky; some DJs, too
  • a dedicated family area for parents and their kids of all ages
  • it’s an old red brick manufacturing site, including custom railways
    (of course people build their own vehicles for it)
  • tracks for talks: Arts & Culture, Ethics, Society & Politics, Hardware & Making, Security & Hacking, Science
  • plenty of self-organised sessions/workshops (~300 in 2015, see

Submission deadline for ‘official’ talks: June 11th
More info:

For attending you have to buy a ticket in any case which is unfortunately a bit difficult this time.
There’s a semi-private pre-sale based on self-respawning vouchers which is already ongoing.

With a bunch of people we’re attending from Geneva (mostly CERNies but also others) GOSHers are most welcome to join our camp village :slight_smile: !
By the end of the week, I should be able o forward ticket vouchers to interested GOSHers.
As far as I know, at least @saadcaffeine is attending as well.
@kaspar? @neuro3en? @amchagas? @moritz_lablab? @bengtsjolen? @lu_cyP?

More details are on the Camp’s wiki:

Open science hardware assembly at 35C3

I will be going if I can get a ticket! @unixjazz can you come over from America?


I am planning on going as well.


@kaspar +1 are already on my waiting list for the vouchers. Are you covered @neuro3en? Who else needs a voucher to buy a ticket?


I would need one, thanks!


Do they support travel costs?If yes I am in ,also would be submitting my talk.


@Ritwik there’s “limited support for travel costs” but you have to buy a ticket in any case. It’s all mentioned in the link above ( Please monitor your private forum messages inbox, I’ll send you voucher codes there once available. @neuro3en