Open Know-How Specification Updates

I tried to register on so that I could post this question there, but I am not getting my confirmation email (not even in spam). I was also hesitant to continue this thread since my question is related more to the next version of the specification than the original RFC.

I noticed some simple errors as I was reading the Opek Know-How spec, but also noticed that the things I saw were covered by pending edits. I also see that “Changes are voted on during meetings of the Open Know-How Working Group.” I was wondering about this process. Does that working group meet as-needed, once a year, or something else?

We decided to move the standards development to Github but never got around to actually migrating it. @julianstirling did run a conversion to markdown which was going to form the new basis but we haven’t checked if there were any problems with the conversion.

It was all based on volunteers so that’s part of the reason. IoP Alliance has some funding and is hiring now though so that may help.