OH Literature Review

Dear All,

We are bringing back to life our project of writing a literature review on OH !

We got together at GOSH 2022 and planned the next steps, which, of course, are open to everyone who might want to participate in the lit review process.

Linking some folks here who participated: @jcm80 @shannond @hpy @jarancio @khoeberling @alisonjparker @juanpedro.maestre

  1. Here are the meeting notes:

  2. Here is the literature we collected thus far:

  3. Visualization of the literature:

  4. Here is an image of the planning session, just for the record:

We need to get started on updating the Zotero library and revising the preliminary list of 5 domains of the literature we identified.

Please stay tuned to this thread: we will announce meeting times/dates here!

All the best,


Dear all,

Today we are starting our public talk series to prepare the OH literature review article.
See the announcement here:


We have organized everything to get started in the process of writing our article draft here:


(a thousand apologies for the Googre… when I tried to use Nextcloud with a headless libreoffice people got mad at me… so… I had to bring the draft to the Goobles…)

In the doc above you will find separated drafts for us to organize the writing process by topic. This is convenient because we have people we different kinds of experience in our community, so people can focus on what they know or what they want to know the most (say… licensing, scientific instrumentation, socio-economic research on open/libre tech, etc.).

Feel free to contribute in the writing process!

Some folks who have already expressed interest in helping out:
@juanpedro.maestre @briannaljohns @jcm80 @shannond @jarancio @khoeberling @marinappdf @Mdls27 @alisonjparker