Happening January 11: Open Hardware Literature Review Session on Scientific Instrumentation and Standardization

Hi all!

Tomorrow, January 11, we are hosting the third session of our Open Hardware Literature Review! The session will be focused on scientific instrumentation and standardization and will start at 21:00 UTC. The call features a presented by Jenny Molloy (University of Cambridge).

You can register for the session via this Zoom link!

GOSH Open Hardware Literature Review Series

Throughout early 2023, the GOSH Community will be working collaboratively on an open hardware literature review as part of the GOSH 2022 Research and Policy Writing Workshops. As part of the literature process, we will be holding a series of public calls focused on a particular topic related to open hardware. Each call will consist of a 1-hour public talk on the topic with time for additional comments from the community.

If you are interested in participating in the literature review process, please join us for one (or more!) of the following calls listed below:

Schedule of Calls

1. Legal Studies of Open Licensing: January 5th at 20:00 UTC

  • Presenter(s): Michael Weinberg (Engelberg Center on Innovation Law & Policy).
  • Watch a recording of the call here

2. Social, Economic and Policy Studies: January 9th at 20:00 UTC

  • Presenter(s): Julieta Arancio (Drexel University), Alison Parker (Wilson Center), Guillermina Actis (Centro de Investigaciones para la TransformaciĂłn);

3. Scientific Instrumentation and Standardization: January 11th at 21:00 UTC

  • Presenter(s): Jenny Molloy (University of Cambridge);
  • You can register via this Zoom link.

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Hi all,

I am sharing the recording from yesterday’s session on scientific instrumentation and standardization. You can watch it here!

Unfortunately we don’t have a recording from the second session on social, economic and policy studies, but be sure to keep an eye out on the forum as more updates will be shared soon!