Mothbox gets 60k Wildlabs Grant!

We are excited to announce that @Hubert Szczygiel and i won a 60k wildlabs Grant to further develop our Scrappy little Mothbox project this year!

This is something like 4-5 times the entire budget we’ve had in the history of the mothbox development, so we are excited to see where we can take it with a bit more funding!

Plus we already have some out in the field getting cool data! And we have some helpful scripts here for controlling cameras and scheduling for raspberry pis that you all might find interesting


Incredible!! Well done Andy and the other Mothboxers! :heart_eyes_cat:

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Congrats, @hikinghack & @Hubertszcz! I will definitely include this in the next GOSH newsletter :sunglasses:


Wow! Congrats Andy and team. Great news!


Are you the guys from CEH?

i don’t know what that is, so prob not!

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@hikinghack congratulations to the team! CEH is the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology in the UK, they are also developing something super similar to the Mothbox:

I had a conversation with one of their team leads last year. Turns out they did some fieldwork in Panama (!!!) but they also haven’t heard of the Mothbox. :rofl: :thinking: But sounds like the two projects should really talk!

it’s been a bit of a situation where we keep trying to talk to them, but have a response of crickets

or for instance i saw they have a conference about automated moth detection and i asked if i could join, and they said unfortunately they are far away on a little island in panama. and i was like, yeah! you drove by my house to get there, i can go over to BCI, and some more crickets.

I also don’t get how open it is since i cant find any documentation about it, and have had to reverse engineer thing from their photos and other postings, but im not sure it’s exactly open. Also they told me it cost 7000lbs

I think they are just busy and in their own world, but collab hasn’t been the easiest! we have been in an online conference together, that’s where i found some more things. But yeah i think they have a large team and busy schedule and unfotunatley can be tricky to talk to

A person on their software side has been a good communicator though and we are trying to chat with them about the post-processing side of things, so that’s cool!

You’re trying to talk moths and you’re getting crickets

hey, at least you’re in the right class. You just need one more bump and you’ll be in the same order.


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They have a user manual for the device, but not like design files from what i can tell