Informal meeting in Brussels? [February 3, 4, 5, 6, 2023]

Hi All,

I’m newcomer n this forum but working on free libre hadrware/wetware/software for more than a decade.

Definitely, I have a great preference for meetings although I deeply appreciate written correspondence.

Also, I am talking with organizations and groups about the GOSH Open Science Hardware Events Funding Program 2023.
We are working on medical equipment, health care equipment (a ShotBlocker), a bioassay device for water quality, etc. around 4 different countries.

Anyway, that being said,
I believe it is possible that several people here will be in Brussels. I will also be there as co-organizer of the OFFDEM O₃ and there is also FOSDEM.

I see 3 opportunities for Informal meeting and discussion:

  1. Friday night at caldarium, 121, rue de Wautier, 1020 Laeken, with a gathering cooked by Neutrinet
  2. Saturday evening at OFFDEM party (7:00 pm to 10:00 pm)
  3. ByteNight (thé dansant between OFFDEM & FOSDEM)

I would really like to read you and meet you there or elsewhere.



Hello XavCC. Happy to read you here.

I would like to meet you but i must stay here in the beautiful Brittany, France.

I can recommand to anybody to come,meet you and discover your work that we do respect here for a while.

All the best,

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Yo @hugobiwan

What about a coffee/limeade/beer in Roazhon when I’ll be back and sharing feedback plus talking about OSH events in Brittany?

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