[CfP] Water instigation & Open seeds & Open Bioassays Meeting in Brussels? (Feb. 2024)

Hey there,

Greetings to you all :heart:

I’m still here and also still involved in some grassroots project.

BTW, some of us are planing to be in Bxl during OFFDEM Oxozone Fest (from Friday 2 February to Sunday 4 February) with a “camp” about an ‘umbrella of the fight for climate justice and inclusion of affected communities in the process of safely and ethically exposing and investigating abuses of power, water access, water pollution, wrongdoings, filed investigation, Collaboration, climate change, social / political and geographical inequalities, training and so’


We will be there with some folks from Open Source Seeds Initiative, from Exposing The Invisible, from Troubled Water, EDRi network, NGI Zero consortium, so on and so forth.

Some Bus Pirate, Matchboxscope, pocketPCR, LibreFuge and more on the menu.

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