Hong Kong Makerspace MakerBay is your home

If you are landing in Hong Kong, please use our Makerspace, MakerBay to work, create, chill, eat, take a shower. Sleeping is not allowed at MakerBay. Our maker community is focused on using technology to have a positive social and environmental impact. We’re one of the best equipped and inclusive makerspace in the region. We have 2 sites in Hong Kong.

MakerBay Central open Wed - Sun 14:00 - 20:00 - It’s a small makerspace, for 15 people max. Good for your light meeting, small workshops, watching a movie, lunch break, hanging out. MTR Central / Sheung Wan.

MakerBay Tsuen Wan open everyday 10:00 - 19:00 - it’s a large makerspace, easily for 50 people at the time. We have a cool Biohacker space too : DIYbio. We’re super into Citizen Science, last year we organised Hong Kong first Citizen Science Faire. MTR Tsuen Wan (northern end of the red line).

MakerBay core team Jan 2018

We will reach out to GOSH organisers so that we can have the full list of participants of GOSH, so you guys can have a free access to our space during and after the conference for a week (October 8 to 18).

Please check our website http://makerbay.org/

We would love to host an evening social event when GOSHers can meet our local Hong Kong makers, open scientists at MakerBay. When would be a good time?
What about October 14th evening? Please tell us if you are interested to join and meetup :slight_smile:


I can highly recommend that shower!

and it’s impressive how they just managed to set-up in their new location and made this:

and in just a few weeks into this:


By October, that area behind us should be a chill out area with sofas, free tea and coffee, biscuits, bananas…


Your Makerspace looks like a nice place and I would love to visit it!

I’ll arrive in Hong Kong on the 2nd of October and will have 3 days before I leave to Shenzhen. Unfortunately I will fly back home right after the GOSH meeting (14th afternoon). Is there any possibility to get access before GOSH?

Yes we can! We look forward for your visit. Bring your friends from GOSH

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I will probably be in HK for a couple of day before GOSH but will not stay afterwards :slight_smile: Very keep on meeting people interested in DIY bio and citizen science, I will bring some lab materials with me !

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Sounds great! I can bring some of my stuff too and we can meet in the Makerspace!
What are you working on? I mostly do microbiology/plant related projects.


I have dome a lot of microbio in gradschool and university, but my citizen science / DIY bio is related to environmental science and water quality :slight_smile:

thatd be very cool to meet and work together

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Same here! It would be great to organize something for those days prior to GOSH.



so when do you guys arrive to HK ?

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I will be there on the 2nd of october.

I just saw that you are working on a spectrophotometer. I am currently working on a flow through version of my own build but its just a regular photometer with a preset wavelength. It would be also interesting for me to measure at various wavelength that’s why I am very interested in your project!

On the 7th. Will stay until 8 or 9th, dep on what is ongoing over there. you?

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We will make sure we have the full list of GOSHers prior to October 2, to make sure you all can get in MakerBay.
For those of you will multiple entry visa, there are convenient buses from MakerBay Tsuen Wan and Shenzhen


@juanpedro.maestre @juanmagararcI arrive Sep 8th in the morning at HK. Are you planning to stay together? I would like to go to MakerBay too before GOSH.

Maybe we can arrange something for the 8th!

Hi @juanpedro.maestre @juanmagararc @cesar_hk (hola!). I’ll be arriving on Monday 8, 6 PM to Hong Kong, after 34 beautiful flight hours! Do you happen to have any hint about a handy hostel to stay that night and enjoy Hong Kong before crossing to Shenzhen? I’m trying with Couchsurfing but it’s always a matter of luck. Any info would be welcome, and of course you are invited to join me to explore Hong Kong those 24 hours. Thanks!

I am staying at an air bnb. We can meet on the 8th! Are you on Wechat?

Hey, great! I’m not on Wechat yet, but I’ll be there soon. I’ll try to be just @marbasch.
If anyone has a hostel to recommend, I will thank you!

I’ll be arriving around the same time, Monday 8, 17:30 in HK airport and was thinking to stay around the HK makerspace until next day Morning. But I don’t want to miss the scheduled visit to the SZ markets on next day :slight_smile:.
Would be awesome to meet you @juanpedro.maestre @juanmagararc @biomakers_lab @marbasch @vektor @Cesar_HK pre-GOSH.
Hints for accommodation in HK, maybe close to the makerspace?

Hey you two!

I am currently staying at the Mojo Nomad Hostel in Aberdeen Harbor but I can’t really recommend it if you only want to stay one night because of its location. It is in the south of HK Island and you can get there with the Bus directly from the airport but the ride takes over an hour. I reserved it already some while a go and it seems like I got a quite good offer because it got a bit more expensive now (dorm on booking at least for me and my browser cookies). But apart from that it is clean and nice :slight_smile:

I found out that there are direct mini busses directly from the HK airport to SZ and I think they don’t take long! Hotels/Hostels in SZ are significantly less expensive and readily available (from what I experienced so far without any HK/China pre-experience, so maybe I am also wrong)

Regarding the MakerBay: I already tried to contact @Cesar_HK via PM and wrote a msg to their WhatsApp number to confirm the offer but did not get any response yet. But the central makerscpace will be open tomorrow afternoon and I will just go there.

I will already head to Shenzhen at the 5th so I won’t be available to meet in Hongkong next Monday :frowning:

So see you in Shenzhen I guess! I am looking forward to it!

Edit: If you are thinking about getting a HK SIM there is a store right in the middle of the arrival hall (opposite side of the exit to the bus/taxi terminals) and 10 days 2 GB cost about 100 HKD

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