pre-GOSH: Collaborative Fabrication Meetings

Nice @Pollock! It is awesome that you wanna join.

Besides me, there are already two people interested, so it is more than necessary to have a lot of fun. It is still in the plane of ideas, but we can start to act to make it happen.

The idea is to make it at X-Factory and Seeed Studio, following the provocation of this thread, but it could be wherever it suits, what means a place with machines and interested people.

@gbathree do you have any suggestion or help to give us in this issue?



I’ll carry some prototypes of biotech lab equipment and I’d like to have feedback related to PCB design and materials. I’m interested in a post-GOSH collaborative fabrication meeting (14-15 oct)


Nice to see more people interested in pro-longing their stay and do some collaborative geeking, hacking and learning! Around PCB design, i am always happy to share some of our creative approaches, such as svg2shenzhen or DIY-CAD, which both have been further developed recently.
greets from the Kit-Sprint Yogyakarta!

Me and some friends will also arrive approx 3-5 of October. I will visit Shenzhen already earlier and prepare some informal activities, spaces and things to do! Stay tuned…



just been doing it… greetings from Shenzhen. we can get stuff in 24h. so also iterative process are easy to work with.

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Hi, all!

I will share an update on this topic. I tried contact with Seeed Studio/X-Factory and didn’t got a reply, so I will ping them again.

I am also in contact with Marc to try some support in finding a place for us to run the activities.

Unfortunately nothing concrete yet, but hope it will happen in the next days. I also hope that you are still excited to join. Let’s do this!


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Just across the border, in Hong Kong, MakerBay would be delighted to host your collaborative making in our large and well-equipped workshop (1000m2).
We can do PCB Fabrication with CNC, vinyl cutter, silk screening and more. We have a collection of more than 1000 components, well organized we are open 24h/7. We offer free membership for GOSHers during GOSH, and a few days before and after the event. We would love to host your collaborative making.

I made a post to invite you all:

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I am interested too!
I would bring some finished and unfinished builds to tinker around with.

I’ll be in Shenzhen on the 5th

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Cool! Looking forward for your visit and tinkering.

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Hello, all!

Thank you Cesar for your gently invitation, it seems an amazing space and I am sure I will visit it.

But Seeed Studios/X-Factory invited us to run the activities there also, and there is the advantage of being in the same city. Thank you!

So now it is a confirmation. I would like to know with the ones that expressed interest if you are still interested now with the established conditions of running the activities in Seeed Studios/X-Factory during October 7th and 8th (9th also maybe, but there is a visit from GOSH programmed for this day).

So what do you say @Minecastel, @small_peanut, @nanocastro, @Pollock, @laola, @vektor, @dusjagr and @Zengirl2?

Thank you very much!


@leosehn I am down with visiting Seeed studios/X-Factory. It’ll be an exciting learning opportunity.

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Thanks for the invitation @Cesar_HK! I’d love to visit but since I am from Bangladesh, the visa process will be quite hectic and will take more than a month. Won’t be able to visit this time but definitely looking forward to visiting MakerBay next time. Cheers!

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I’m still interested!

So we can meet there also for tinkering with the FlyPI @amchagas?

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I am still interested in participating!!

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Sorry, but my plane doesn’t land until the 9th, so I probably won’t be able to participate.


Adding a few other interested people…
@gaudi, @ryanfobel, @biomurph, @kaspar, @pin


Yes! Very interested, I’ll actually be arriving on the 3rd on Shenzhen.

I’m interested too but, unfortunately I’ll be arriving on 9th leaving on 15th.

Just FYI, I’m bringing 3 bags of equipment just like last year (tweezers, scope, solder, iron, etc. etc. etc.) so we will have some stuff there to work with. If there are others coming from the US who want to bring more in their luggage (we have 5 kits total I think) let me know and we may be able to send it to you.


bringing tools and electronics to Shenzhen… what an flipped world concept :slight_smile:

no worries, we’ll have access to many tools and toys locally.
stay tuned for more and trust our local partners!



I know I know, it’s just one less thing to think about when we get there that’s all. If we never use it, not big deal, it’ll just sit in my luggage :slight_smile: