Hong Kong Makerspace MakerBay is your home

Hey Alex, thank you for your insights!
I know it sounds a bit crazy to find accommodation in Hong Kong for just one night. Truth be told, it would be my first time in Asia and I’m thrilled! I definitely want to see some of Hong Kong, at least for some hours.

About your last words on HK SIM: would that work as SIM and also kind of VPN all in one? Because that would be great! But I’m not sure if I am understanding right (I’m sorry, I’m probably the only non-techie GOSH participant :flushed:). Thanks!


Yes, the HK SIM allows you to bypass the censoring. From an article about the issue:

The good news is that both China Mobile and China Unicom will sell you phone cards or phone plans in Hong Kong that let you get over the Great Firewall while you’re in the Mainland!

And the shop I was talking about is from China Mobile.

I am now in the MakerBay Central and it is worth a visit. Apart from that the PMQ (where it is located) has quite many small stalls with artsy things. But I guess if you want to work on a project the bigger MakerBay would be better.

excellent info, thanks!

edit: I hope Alipay, WeChat and the like are OK with other SIM cards. Otherwise I can see myself using a lot of paper clips to switch back and froth with my lovely single-SIM device

As I’m staying in HK until the 9th I would love to check out and work in Makerbay. Particularly interested in the mini CNC. Any pointers where I can buy the CNC1610 in hong kong? I can’t really order from taobao to my hostel.

Cesar, I am going to head over there in few minutes! I can’t wait to visit the space and meet yall.




Who will still be there at the Makerbay tomorrow? I want to stop by. Then maybe we can go to Shenzhen together.

Or rather who is HongKong today and tomorrow moring?

Reminder to everyone at GOSH 2018 to sign up for Maker Bay if you plan to visit post-GOSH.
Sheet is on the wall in the Idea Cafe!

Does anyone know whether makerbay is open on Sunday? And is anyone planning to go there after maker faire?