GOSH Newsletter, Open Hours & Community Coordinator Weekly Hours

Hi everybody!

I wanted to share a couple of opportunities with you all below :slight_smile:


I wanted to start a thread here on the forum about starting a “GOSH newsletter” for the community! I have seen some past discussions on Gitlab regarding the idea of starting a newsletter (Issue #28 and Issue #166). I am definitely interested in this, and if you are as well please feel free to respond to this thread or add your name to the following spreadsheet so that we can start thinking about how to organize scheduled newsletters. A few community members noted on Gitlab Issue #166 that a newsletter would be a great way to do outreach and connect with a wider audience who may not be as familiar with GOSH, but would like to know more!

Open Hours

The topic of a newsletter also had some of us wondering about other ways we can engage with each other as a global, (and for now) virtual community (this was also another discussion had on Gitlab Issue #166). I think having a couple of “open hours” a month (which would be small, not-highly-facilitated events) would be a great way to spend time with each other meaningfully while avoiding Zoom fatigue. As community coordinator, I have no problem organizing these events for us :).

I am going to pilot this model of open hours next month by offering the following dates/times where I will be hosting an open meeting for community members to join if they’d like:

Thursday, April 8th from 15:30 - 16:30 UTC

Wednesday, April 14th from 23:00 - 24:00 UTC

Wednesday, April 21st from 11:00 -12:00 UTC

What would we be doing during these open hours? Think of it as a time to connect with one another, whether that is learning about exciting projects we are all doing, or just talking about some of our interests. These would be different from community calls (as community calls have a designated goal or outcome for each call) in that they are more easygoing.

These hours have been added to the GOSH calendar, where you will be able to access the Zoom link.

Community Coordinator Weekly Hours

I also wanted to share that you can schedule a meeting with me using Calendly. I have set aside a few hours each week where I am available for one-on-one meetings with community members. You can use this time to ask me questions you may have, share exciting projects and opportunities you have for the community, or just get to know me better!