Virtual hang-out with some experiences

It definitely isn’t Open Source. They are using a modified version of the AGPL that prevents sale. This is a terrible idea in my opinion. In part because it makes it incompatible with all existing AGPL code and also because it is super confusing to use the familiar AGPL name for something that isn’t open source. I don’t know if the FSF actually allows this. Wouldn’t the license text itself by subject to copyright with derivatives being disallowed? Not sure. Unfortunately AGPL is not trademarked and I’m not sure it could be given that no products are being sold but that’s how Linux protects itself from things that are not Linux being called Linux.

I was so excited about this project too since I’d heard it was open source but I’m definitely not interested in supporting the proliferation of non open source licenses, especially not ones that make themselves look like open source licenses.

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Edited - Preciously I could not find the changes

Unfortunately, I have to agree with @Juul, this is not open source. The licenses are AGPL plus a “Commons Clause” that is similar in my mind to the “non commercial” of the creative commons license. Yet it is more confusing, and encourages an awful misleading trend of adding terms to licenses making the license incompatible with other code of the same license.

There are numerous opinions on this for example:


Interesting. thx for looking deeper into their weird license use.
I am a bit surprised, as many people in the CCC network has been praising the tool for the last congress.
I asked in another chat fosued on workadventure in their network. mostly in german.

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I’m afraid I also agree with @julianstirling and @juul and was saddened to discover this about workadventure. Thank you for linking to the various opinions on the matter.

While I don’t assume anything malicious about the motivations behind the Commons Clause, this addition not only does not meet the definition of open source software and free software, it also dilutes the meaning of those terms, muddies the water, adds confusion, and continues the misleading trend that @julianstirling referred to. Most importantly, licenses with the Commons Clause do not respect software freedom which concerns me the most.

A quick search showed that there are two issues discussing this in the workadventure repository: #523 (opened by our very own @mariob) and #678.

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Can we just fork it and remove those santa clauses?


Unfortunately no, otherwise the clause is meaningless as anyone that wanted to sell would just remove the clause.

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While the licensing discussion is important it doesn’t actually stop us from using this for some GOSH online hangouts. Unlike other similar solutions (, this at least allows us to self-host and we could even make improvements and fixes to the software should we need to. If I remember correctly the actual video chat part uses Jitsi which is fully open source (without Santa clauses).


Well… what a great thread. We’ve been toying with things also in the GOAT community (@sudokita and @dornawcox ), workadventure seems great but yes the licensing issues not great.

That said - most of the effort is actually in creating the tilekit and stuff, which Greg Gage (or someone at BB) has done so nicely - so honestly if and when a more completely open source version appears it won’t be hard to switch.

Anyone care to share great places for tile sets that you’ve found. Searching produces many, but would love opinions about the coolest / best tile sets to build out your world!


Yes, I am happy to do this internal little design intro on how to use workadventure and some experiences to design the maps. We can follow up some discussions from earlier… but i am mostly interested to just share some basic technical aspects of how to get your world running, some experiences designing it and using it for community or teaching activities.

Let’s find a suitable date using this polling option from our nextcloud:

and to leave the forum for other stuff to discuss, let’s have detailed dicsussions in this group:


Thanks! I just filled in the poll (really cool that Nextcloud does this, TIL!). That said, in case the earlier option (22 July) works better for most people I suggest we prioritise that. I’ll just try to catch up afterwards.

I just responded to the Tuesday option and added a Friday option on July 30 as Thursday AMs just got booked for another GOSH meeting. Cool to use NextCloud’s polling tool! thanks for that.

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Ooooh I just noticed that, for some reason, I’m unable to amend my previous answers. FWIW, I can also attend at the last slot @lizbarry proposed i.e. on 30 July.

Thx for the first responses to fnd a date for that workadventure intro / design skill share session.
Anyone else interested?
Let’s find a suitable date using this polling option from our nextcloud:

Seems like we couldn’t find a suitable date yet.

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So we had a small group hang-out today, briefly looking into some design experiences on making the virtual world more alive and interactive.
only 1 person joined. thx @ldehlwes

Sorry that i didnt announce this timeslot more clearly…
I guess it’s summer holiday time in various parts of the wolrd at the moment.
we can schedule another date using the same tool:

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Thanks! I just added my availability under the user hpy2.

Let’s do it Tuesday, 17th, 13:00 UTC. please reserve 2-3 hours for the introduction.

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Thanks for setting this up Marc! I look forward to joining, and have added it to the GOSH calendar. Do you know if we are meeting at

We’ll meet tomorrow! Tuesday, 17th August, 13:00 UTC,

  • first hang-out and explore some existing maps, starting with
  • We’ll discuss experiences on map design, scale, living maps, user edits, easter eggs and more

Shift to BigBlueButton for more optios of screensharing and exploring different maps

  • How to design your own map
  • How to host your map on github
  • Where to “play” the map
  • How to make creative “tiles” and graphics
  • Feedback and ideas how to go forward

Preparation needed:

Other nice maps:


Let’s set up a design team! We could use some artists, pixel-nerds, painters and game-designers.

And then in a 2nd round it’s all of YOU to create easy visualized web-content that can be embedded in the map representing your projects, communities, visions.


It was great to hang out and explore yesterday, thanks for organizing @dusjagr! Here are some of the notes I captured for those interested:

  • has a lot of cool features we could use on a map, like setting up areas for jitsi meetings (and these jitsi meetings can be accessible to those who aren’t in the space either, by sharing the jitsi link with them seperately). Could set up areas for livestreaming music, livestreaming video, create and can create virtual poster boards for people to share projects and announcements. We can also integrate Google Docs, Wiki pages, and more!

  • Space is the most important factor when making a map, we would want to avoid making a map that is too big.

  • Maps can serve as a place for interaction between community members, but also a space for showcasing projects and initiatives.

  • Can access maps by mobile phone, but it seems to work better on computers. This is an important accessibility issue to consider when making a map!

  • Would be ideal to get a small group of community members together who are interested in designing a map for GOSH.

  • Would need a motivation for making a map, like a big GOSH event.

  • Maps are self-hosted, so if a map is being designed, at some point we would need to determine where it would be hosted.