GitBuilding v0.11 - Coming soon!

Hi GOSHers :gosh:

Just to let everyone know that a new version (v0.11) of GitBuilding is almost ready for release :champagne:

Disclaimer first
I am aware that probably the biggest barrier to many using GitBuilding is the difficulty for install (requires python) and the UI (starts from the command line). This has not been the focus of this release, we are still putting in features we need for making the OpenFlexure microscope docs as good as possible. For example the recent OpenFlexure Microscope v1.0.0-alpha2 release, which was made with the current GitBuilding v0.10.
We would love help improving packaging and the UI

There is a bit more testing and stability improvements needed for the new features before it can be released. They also need documenting. When documenting the new features I plan to do an overhaul of the “Getting started” documentation as it is currently too complex.

New features in v0.11:

Info links:

Instructions are easiest to follow with small succinct instructions. Open hardware is better if we can explain why something is done. We have introduced simple information links do you can move this complex information to another page, but visually highlight its existence:


Special blocks:

We have added syntax to highlight key information such as warnings, or information:


Information header:

Similar to Dozuki we have added an info header. There are some standard fields, but you can also add your own. This is currently a minimal implementation. In the future we plan to parse these inputs so you can know the total time for a project, or all of the skills needed.

Templating (for advanced projects):

Can optionally include text based on what variation of a project is being created. This allows us to have two similar pages in the OpenFlexure docs without duplicating the entire page in the instructions. Notice some of the parts are different on these two pages:


The info links are wonderful :slight_smile: thanks for your work!