Extra Days in Chile

Hi everyone,

I am Shams Jaber, an educator and OSH hobbyist from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am very very excited to meet you all. But I first wanted to sort out a few things.

Because Bangladesh is EXACTLY the opposite end of the world to Chile, I might have the longest trip to come to GOSH. So I was interested to make the journey more fruitful by staying longer than what’s required. I will be there for the optional co-working days. Would be keen on collaborating with others during these two days.

Also, I have kept two more days open after this. 28th and 29th of March. I would be interested to visit interesting places, meeting interesting people and doing interesting things. Would welcome suggestions and ideas from fellow participants.

Shams Jaber


Any suggestions would be helpful for me as well.

I’m also going to be there for several days after GOSH. Hoping to get out of the Santiago for a few days and see a little more of Chile.

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Hi Shams, Gayatri and Kina,
Valparaiso is worth visiting (1,5h from Santiago).
If you have more time and budget, I recommend Atacama desert.
Please let me know if we can help with anything


I am hoping to be there for a few extra days too. Would anyone be keen to explore the Patagonia? The shortest loop takes 5 days. And budget could be a constraining factor too, but thought I would float the idea.


I am going to arrive a few days before, on Sunday.
I wanted to visit valparaiso or the montains, I have some reccomendations
Let me know if you anyone join :slight_smile:


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Hi Tarunima, thanks for floating this idea :slight_smile: I am also planning to stay later and travel, would be great to talk more.

I would like to join. I will arrive on Monday. I had plans to reach on Sunday, but then I was skeptical of arriving at Santiago on the weekend. If the local team is fine and does not need my help, I will be available on Monday and Tuesday.
Thanks !

  • Akshai

I won’t be in Chile for Gosh this year, but used to live in Santiago. I wanted to second ffederici. If you get a chance, I would highly recommend taking a bus out to the coast to the city Valparaiso. It’s a vibrant city with steep funiculars and colorful graffiti, sort of the opposite of Santiago. I used to live on Cerro Alegre, and miss it dearly.


I’ll stay till 31st before going back to China. Thank you all for the fantastic suggestions. Don’t know if time will allow me to join Tarunima’s Patagonia’s trip… I want to visit Valparaiso also, after GOSH :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone. I will arrive before and stay after GOSH so happy to join up with anyone who wants to make a trip/go hiking.

Perhaps we can rent a car ? Would love to go to Patagonia and Easter Island ! (but thats a bit expensive :frowning:

Also can we maybe rent scooters to travel around ?


Hi Juanma, I would love to visit the mountains too ! Do you know any good hikes ?
Looking forward to meeting up

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Hi you guys!
For those who have a few extra days I would like to recommend places to go.

A) If you have little time, focus on

  • Walk around the city - https://goo.gl/UbFleS
  • Museum of Memory and Human Rights (2/3h) (I think it is top priority for American)
  • Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral (2h)
  • La Chascona (2h) (If you do go to the Human Rights Museum, visit La Chascona and Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral afterwards)
  • Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino (2/3h)

B) If you have some time in Santiago

  • Bicentenario Park
  • Parque de las Esculturas
  • Pueblito de Los Dominicos (handcraft)
  • Live Music Clubs Barrio Bellavista, one of the clubs I like is “El Clan”

C) If you have extra days and can travel more

  • Valparaíso
  • Cajón del Maipo
  • San Pedro de Atacama

Looking forward to meet you soon!

Gina Leite

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Hi, link seems to be broken. could you fix it? I’m curious where to go.

Try coping this url:

There is also a great service called Tour for Tips. It is worth your time:

I haven´t tryed yet, but it seems like Google trips can be really help plan the journey:

See you soon!

Hi Greg! Ah, wish I could meet you this time, had a lot to share about the gears and progress, but we can catch up. And yes, I was amazed to see pictures of Valparaiso, it’s 1.5 hours away right? Would love to check it out…

All the suggestions are wonderful and so helpful. Thank you so much everyone! Can’t wait till GOSH

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Hi all,

I haven’t introduce myself yet. Will do it soon. In the meantime, here is the link to some suggestions for places to go and things to do in Santiago and Chile. I put everything in this google doc. If you like fancy stuff this list won’t be for you (there are a couple of hipster like suggestions too, to be honest). I’m adding cool, non-typical touristic stuff. Will further complete the list!

Paz - Chilean(I’m a local!)


I’m really interested in history and museums thanks @talktogina for the links) - I’d take a whole day on that if anyone is a history person. Is that a focus of anyone else?

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Hey many thanks for creating the googledoc!
I will be in Andes hostel from Monday to Monday. @all @fiestin @akshaim @freyja.vandenboom we could try the hike near Santiago that was mentioned in the google doc as accesible by public transportation.
@paz I speak Spanish so not too bad to get around. But if you have some time perhaps we could gather on monday or set up a time/place to meet and do some of this :).