Bangladesh is EXACTLY the opposite end of the world to Chile, so I'm excited to make the longest trip to GOSH. I run a startup in Bangladesh which is an institute teaching CHILDREN open source hardware and software(Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Processing, Python) skills and knowledge WHILE also functioning as a tech firm. We take the ideas and solutions created in our classrooms and provide them to real world customers and clients as commercial or non-commercial tech solutions.

These solutions start from an interactive computer game we built for a local company which they displayed in the country's largest trade fair to food elevators for a local restaurant. Internet of Things, Interactive Artwork and the whole hardware tech solution is pretty new in our country and we are among the few working on this sector. More importantly, these solutions are brought from 7-15 year old children and their teachers' heads and hands.

My startup also provides the same education to children of an ethnic tribal group in the hills of Bangladesh where there's no internet nor electricity available.

Recently, we have also started LEARNING and TINKERING with molecular biology, bio-hacking in collaboration with bio-hackers, biologists globally and also from local universities. The idea is to eventually incorporate this to our existing curriculum besides electronics and programming.

I love psychology, alternative education, open science(hardware, software, bio), music, day dreaming, lucid dreaming and meeting people.