Creating a tool to standardise OSHW dissemination: the ORSHARDS project

Hi all,

I’d like to have the opinion of this community regarding a project that I have started a year ago to help with the standardisation of open-source hardware (the ORSHARDS project, as the title suggests).
The aim is to create a repository structure dedicated to open hardware that would have the same functionalities as a software repository: storing/sharing projects, providing tools for developers, helping to deploy and to run hardware, keeping track of dependencies for modular items, keeping track of updates/security issues and so on.
Needless to say this project is only starting, but the theory of operation is already in place. I made a gitlab repo with the base ideas but it is private at the moment because I want to make a grant application out of this before I make it public.
If you are interested I’d be happy to give you access. I would also be glad to give access to a GOSH group if there is one of Gitlab, to make things easier.


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Great project!

@C.Arpino , I think you may like this.

Actually I made the repo public so you can have a look at the docs. The main branch is pretty empty apart from the docs at the moment but there is another where interesting code is getting written.
The idea is to make it a product lifecycle system management software that could be made complient with ISO13485 and other standards required to put an MRI system in a hospital, because that is what I will be doing for the next few years and I will need such a system.
I am writing up a grant application to get some money to get this done, so if anyone wish to help you are more than welcome!

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