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28 Nov 2018 - Build open science hardware workshop at MozFest, London UK (Andre M Chagas, Julieta, Gustavo, Leonardo)
15 August - 01 September 2018 - Building Flypi’s as project based introduction to Open Scientific Hardware, University of Khartoum Sudan, Sponsored by the Rotary international Stuttgart (Andre M Chagas)



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Hi All

I was thinking of setting up a wiki post to collect where people are talking about GOSH, presenting posters or running events. I gave a talk at University of Texas Austin last week hosted by @juanpedro.maestre and @vektor is presenting a poster at a conference soon plus there were recent things at FOSDEM. It’d be great to collect that information here on the forum in a way that anyone can easily add what they’ve been doing :smiley:

We could make “GOSH Outreach” or similar a separate category so it’s easy to find - any thoughts? I don’t want to duplicate plans already on-going from one of the Roadmap issues on gitlab



That will be great to have this wiki.
The 31st of January 2019, I have been invited by Leslie Chan (during his class) to give an online presentation on the “maker philosophy in the African context”. We can also add this ressource:


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Great idea!

On GitLab we just have

Which are basically redundant.

So what would you prefer? Wiki post or GitLab?

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I think the easiest way to get people contributing is to turn this post into a Wiki… As this is the go to place for most people…

Since there is no integration of the Forum with gitlab, it would fall into the hand of the people assigned to the issues to transfer/curate that into the repository/issue…

Done! First post is now a wiki and I put some headings for people to add their things :slight_smile:
Congrats to everyone on your hard work post-GOSH :clap:


I"m tinkering around with my poster and I was wondering if there is any graphics/image database for the GOSH graphics were dumped? And are we officially allowed to copy and use them in our presentations?

I am talking about the Roadmap logo for example,


They are in a Dropbox folder here.
I think the plan was to put them in the GOSH Roadmap Gitlab repo - @unixjazz was there a reason they aren’t (file size?) or just no-one got around to it?



Hey Jenny et al.,

I did not put the design files on ´git´, instead I uploaded them to a public folder on the server (hosting the GOSH forum + site). My reasoning was that large design files are not suitable for versioning with ´git´ unless we start using -annex or -lfs to track them.

Not sure if you remember, but Maria re-exported updated files to Dropbox, so we need to upload them somewhere. I just reorganized all the design files and SVG export files here:

After we copy them to the GOSH server, I can delete them from my machine.

All the best,


Thanks @unixjazz!
I thought the plan changed to host on the server but the gitlab repo README suggests they are/were on there so I wanted to confirm.

@rpez @kaspar any chance you could assist in copying the files from to a publicly accessible folder on our server?


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I added some things, but wasn’t sure how much back in time one should go! Also, can we add scheduled things?

Fala André!

@amchagas you mean to the ‘gitlab’ repo?

Fala Luis!

No, I meant talks/events/workshops that are scheduled but didn’t happen yet… But then I realised after re-reading the thread that there is no end point to this collection, so I guess my question doesn’t make that much sense anyways… :wink:

Unfortunately, that unixjazz link is now returning a 404 error. :slightly_frowning_face:

@todrobbins I am really sorry for the delay: I thought the files have already been copied.

In any case, I restored them to the location and I will keep them there as a bkp:

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No worries! I just downloaded them. Thanks!

hoied mitenand,

i am heading to Seoul to give 2 lectures at an Appopriate Technology conference:

i am happy to promote our GOSH network and specific projects that came out of our globally distributed methods and collaborations. I think bringing the open of the open science hardware to these circles is crucial.
Send me a single slide or photo if you wanna be part of the “GOSH collection” in my presentation.
@amchagas, @thomasmboa, @jcm80, @kaspar, @julianstirling, @nanocastro, @gbathree, @jarancio, @musti
any amaaazing new piece of hardware that was implemented in the fields recently?

it’s gonna be quite a political high.brows morning, maybe we can convince some Koreans to get more involved in GOSH (I tried to get this contact of mine over last time… but didnt work).



Hi Marc

We have some nice new renders of the OpenFlexure Microscope

Or our fancy logo:

We also have a photos of me using microscope in use in the rain forest in Panama (at Dinacon thanks to @hikinghack and @saadcaffeine)

We also have a new-ish micromanipulator, the OpenFlexure Block Stage:

which has a pre-print paper out this week

Happy for you (or anyone else) to use any (or all) of these pictures.



Hi Marc and all,

We’ve published a paper about a projector that can take any type of LED, making it “spectrally arbitrary”…
We use this to deliver visual stimuli for different animal species that can see wavelengths different than the “traditional” red green and blue, primates see.
here is a link to the paper (maybe using the headline/title is useful) and a rendering of the system

I can also send you this in different formats if it would be best!

thanks for spreading the word about GOSH!

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