Chat in the forum? Good or bad

[Edited in response to Kaspar’s comment]
Hi Everyone,

After @kaspar’s push to get Calendars and JitSi integrated into the forum. I was thinking about how much of our communication we can move into one place. I know GOSH has a Riot/Matrix room, but I think being detached from the forum it is not used too much.

The forum is great for detailed discussions we want to archive. When multiple people are online at the same time and end up almost having a conversation in the forum. Sometimes this would be better handled in chat.

Kaspar has install a plugin called Babble which allows chat directly in the forum. There is a general Chat, and also direct messaging (we can turn DMs off)(which is off). The chat is an experiment. If it works well it will be a place for quick fire discussions without derailing a thread, but it runs the risk of being yet another annoying communication channel to check.

:arrow_left: To use the chat click the speech bubbles at the left of the page.

The chat is an experiment please let us know how you feel either in a comment or in the poll.

  • Chat is a good thing
  • Chat is good and please turn on DMs
  • The chat is annoying/unhelpful
  • I have no strong feelings either way

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Also I made a GOSH emoji! :gosh:

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I’m interested to see how people use the chat and whether we find it good to take the need for immediacy off of the forum threads a bit.

I don’t see what DMs in the chat are for at all. Just DM people using the normal forum interface. It can be “chat like” if you want because you can see when someone is composing a reply. Or it can be long-form. Since it’s 1-1 nobody will have to go read the quick-fire messages except the people that took part in them. With the DMs in the chat it’s just another place to do the same thing. Would advise to turn this off immediately.

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Good point. I suppose the main DM interface gets upset with very short messages, but that is not a good enough reason to add a whole extra way to communicate.

I like it! I feel closer to people with a chat on the forum!

Not sure how can I send DM for 1 person on the chat, this is very useful for chating with people I don’t know.

Also, it will sure be another annoying channel to check, but this is better than checking the riot channel (what I just don’t do it because I don’t remember).

It seems DM is broken in the chat :frowning: The message feature when you click on a persons picture works pretty well though.

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I think chat in forum would defeat the purpose of the forum unless there will be a chat archive where all readers could get some answers during the time when they are not in the forum page when chat discussions are being done.