Anyone else's partners/families/kids coming? Interested in shared activities?

Is it too late for 1 more? I arrive on the 24th in the morning and I haven’t booked a place to stay yet. I haven’t booked for the conference stay at the oliday Inn yet either, in case anyone wants to be bunk mates.

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Does anyone have details regarding a trip to the jungle?

Sorry I don’t use WhatsApp much but those don’t look like complete numbers. Are the" …" there to make it harder for bots to scrape the numbers?

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Adding Harold to the list.

Please add me+2 to the list of folks interested in the Jungle trip and Canal boat. I’m fairly certain two others from Singapore (Darin and Jay) will be arriving on the 23rd and would also like to join. Flights for 3 of us will be confirmed in a few days.

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yes, the extra characters are an easy way to avoid bots scraping numbers

Hey all :wave:t2:

Dario here. Expanding on what Andy said – with a friend of mine (Andra—a bioinformatician interested in open data collection / sharing for biodiversity who will join the forum shortly) we’re planning to stay in Gamboa in the weekend and days prior to GOSH (Saturday 22 - Tuesday 25). We have booked an airbnb with 4 bedrooms and can host 2 more guests. If you’re interested in splitting/sharing the airbnb for those dates, please DM me on the forum.

We’ll have some work commitments during the week, but our plan is to take advantage of the weekend and maybe mornings / evenings during weekdays to hike in the jungle, collect and post observations on platforms like iNaturalist / Wikimedia / eBird, create missing wiki articles for endemic species, and do some experiments with moth lights. Like Andy, we won’t be able to organize activities for a larger group but if you are curious about nature and interested in staying with us or plan to be in Gamboa independently, we’d love you to tag along.

Feel free to drop me a line via DM to get in touch.

@hikinghack @marbasch: can I ask you to delete/redact my phone number from this forum? Happy to share it privately with people but not on a public forum on the internet, thanks! :slight_smile:

Ah, I can’t edit @marcela s post. Did i post your num anywhere else?

How would I know? :slight_smile: I just saw mine above and would like to have it removed.

Sorry Dario! It’s erased now. Thank you for the info! See you soon!

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joined and really looking forward to our trip in Gamboa. Hi, @hikinghack looking forward to meeting you again in person. This time I will bring my lepiled, so we can repeat our moth sheet, but this time in the forest.

if you DM me your number/ID I can add you to a group chat @Andrawaag just created.


It seems DMs on the forum have been disabled? You can join the Gamboa pre-GOSH group here

Am also planning to arrive early!!
Cant want to meet you all and re-connect in Panama!!
Hence, count me in!!


Eng. Valerian Linus Sanga,

CEO & Co-Founder | Bongo Tech & Research Labs - Tanzania,

CEO & Co-Founder | TanzaniaOSH - Tanzania,

Executive Board Member | AfricaOSH,

Community Council Member | GOSH,

P.O. Box 70583,

Dar es Salaam - Tanzania.

Mob (Office) : +255 629 227 885

Mob (Personal) : +255 764 086 540



one more thing I would love to visit - (not my first day, the 24th, when I hope to join the ‘jungle crew’) - the Museum of Biodiversity by Frank Gehry Hope we can fit it in…

The Biodiversity Museum: Panama Bridge of Life (also known as Biomuseo) is located on the Amador Causeway in Panama City, Panama. It was designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry. This is Gehry’s first design for Latin America.

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Hello Valerian, did you see the link to the WhatsApp group and the Google doc therein? Please add your contact info and feel free to add anything that you want to do.

I didn’t know about this museum, but I love museums and would love to join you when you go!

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I also arrive on the 22nd. I’m staying in Gamboa that night.
Would be up for hanging out.

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