Anyone else's partners/families/kids coming? Interested in shared activities?

Hi folks going to GOSH 2022 in Panama. I’m hoping to bring one of my kids (age 9) and partner as an opportunity for them to also experience the city.

Is anyone else considering bringing their kids or partners? I don’t think we need a ton of explicit coordination, but it might be nice to get a little email list of partners / family members who may want to go on day trips together or do shared childcare or whatever.

If that’s you, please post who’s coming and what they may be interested in!

My son loves most things, from just swimming in the pool, the canal, the rainforest - I think he’d be game for most things.


I am not brining family, but I want to find people to go on a canal boat trip. As in a one day trip where we go through the locks.


Hope you can find yourself a canal family! Any would be lucky to have you!

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@julianstirling Count me in for the canal boat trip :slightly_smiling_face: