Announcement of candidates: GOSH 2024 Community Council Election

Hello GOSH Community,

As part of the 2024 Governance Plan, as Election Secretary, I am announcing the candidates for the 2024 GOSH Community Council Election. We have two candidates for this year’s election, and I am sharing them below:

Thank you, candidates, for your interest in serving the GOSH Community!

What’s Next?

Candidates will be free to communicate with and engage the GOSH community in any way they feel is appropriate. However, all candidates are expected to participate in specific common activities, including posting candidate position statements on the GOSH Forum and participating in a community meeting. Please note that all candidates must post a candidate statement on the forum (failure to do so results in disqualification) and are expected to attend at least one community meeting.

  1. Posting of candidate position statements: Candidates will be asked to draft a short position statement indicating why they are running for Community Council, their priorities for the community, and what they hope to achieve, along with a short bio. A basic template will be provided to candidates to encourage comparability of position statements. Position statements will be posted to a designated category on the GOSH forum, with community questions and comments enabled so that community members can offer feedback and pose questions. These statements do not have to be in English.
  2. Community meeting with candidates: Community meetings will be scheduled to allow live discussion between community members and candidates.

A reminder that the deadline for voter registration is July 22nd. Register to vote here !

For more information on the GOSH 2024 Community Council Election process, check out the election landing page and the Election category on the forum.



If we have 3 seats and 2 candidates… do we need a vote? What happens with the vacant seat?

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Dear Bri, Dear Gosh Community,

Thank you for allowing me to be part of the community. Full disclosure, aligned with the transparency and openness I think our world needs more of, especially these days, I did nominate myself. I have and remain committed to help our community grow and grow stronger allowing us to reach our goals !

Good luck to my fellow candidate Sakti Subramanian who I am sure will also do an amazing job and I will fully support them what the outcome of the votes may be.

Thanks again everyone for your consideration and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out !

Freyja van den Boom

Hi @julianstirling,

The consensus from the GOSH Community Council is that although we only have 2 candidates, it is best to proceed with the election process just like any other year. In this particular scenario, as best interpreted from the 2024 governance plan, both candidates will be seated as long as they each get one vote. If a candidate receives no votes, they will not be seated.


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