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Your help to get SPDX identifiers for the CERN Open Hardware Licence v2

Dear all,

I hope you and your families and friends are doing fine.

If you have a github account and 5 minutes to spare, I would like to ask for your help in getting SPDX codes for the new version of CERN OHL. The committee needs to see that there is a certain demand for them, and one of the criteria seems to be the amount of comments in the Pull Request:




Thank you for posting this @Javier! Just added a comment, hope it helps and that we will see SPDX-License-Identifier: CERN-OHL-{P,S,W}-2.0 soon!

BTW, is there a need to have a -or-later postfix to OHL 2.0 in SPDX? Or is the “or any later version” clause already in the license itself like the CC 4.0 series of licenses?

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Thanks Pen-Yuan! This is a question I also had and Andrew is following it up with the SPDX people.

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Pen-Yuan, Alexios just answered in the SPDX pull request:

Appending a ‘+’ to the end of the identifier will mean ‘or later’.

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Thanks @Javier! Good to see the response.

I guess this means the OHL 2.0 itself doesn’t say any thing about “or later versions”?

Thanks @hpy. It does say (8.3):

If the Licensor has specified that a given variant applies to the Covered Source without specifying a version, You may treat that Covered Source as being released under any version of the CERN-OHL with that variant.

But I don’t think that would clash with any of the things we are doing at the SPDX level because there is no SPDX identifier for “CERN OHL with no version”.

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It was merged!!!

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Yes! Thank you all for your help!