Updating GOSH Roadmap Issues in Gitlab

Hi all!

It’s time to clean out the GOSH gitlab and add new epics and issues coming out of the GOSH 2022 Global Gathering! This will help the community continue to align on a common roadmap.

@julianstirling @jarancio @AndreaFruitos my understanding is that you all maintain the GOSH Gitlab. Would you like to join a working session to clear out old issues from 2018? Here is a Doodle Poll to find a time. If any of you would prefer that others just do that work on your behalf, please comment so that we can move forward.

After that cleanup, Nicolás Méndez, @briannaljohns @gbathree and I will work to add new issues to the roadmap. If anyone else would like to help with this Gitlab organization, please comment so we can loop you in!


Hi @nat I won’t be able to dedicate time to this right now (i.e. the next few weeks), but would like to stay informed about the what and how of this effort if that’s OK?

Hi @hpy, no problem at all! We’ll be sure to keep you updated as we get rolling with this project.

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Hello, i am new here i hope someone can show me around on were to start from.

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Hi @Nat. I think you maybe meant to tag @amchagas?

Andre and I did a lot of the managing the GOSH GitLab, but that was mostly “nudging people”. Greg moved all of the issues from the gathering into GitLab, we then tagged the people who had said they would work on the issue. After that we just asked for progress, and eventually set up a bot to ask for progress :goshbot: . I think GOSHBOT’s main function was to fill up Andre’s email with GitLab notifications!

I have put in a few times. I could maybe be a bit more flexible on a Wednesday or Thursday. However, I think with the number of issues a multi-person work-session probably won’t allow too much to get done. I would suggest that we ask the community to comment/update any issues they are still actively working on and then close all the others as stale. We can make a tag to assign to all the stale issue as we close them.


Hi Julian,

Sorry about that, you’re right that tagged the wrong person. Also thank you for providing some context into your current process and recommended method for closing existing issues! We have a meeting scheduled tomorrow and will discuss.

(@briannaljohns tagging you to make sure you’ve seen Julian’s comment before tomorrow.)

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Hi @nat I’m not maintaining the GOSH gitlab. It’s basically what @julianstirling said.