Updates on my position as GOSH Community Coordinator

Dear GOSH Community,

I wanted to take the time today to share some news with you all regarding my role in the GOSH Community. Come September 1st, I will be moving onto a new adventure and stepping down as the Community Coordinator for the GOSH Community. I have thoroughly enjoyed serving the GOSH Community, and I want to say a huge thank you to everyone in GOSH who has made this time so special!

Over the next few weeks, I will put together a handover document detailing the various tasks I worked on as a Community Coordinator, including hosting Community and Welcome Calls, sharing monthly newsletters, managing working groups, and so on, to ensure that the processes I used for carrying out these tasks are documented publicly.

Some good news is that although I won’t be the Community Coordinator anymore, I will not be far from GOSH! Later this year, I will work with Andy @hikinghack in Panamá to study the Mothbox as part of a Fulbright research grant. So you will still find me on the forum from time to time :slight_smile:

Thank you again, GOSH Community!


Hi Bri,
I’m really glad to hear you have a new adventure ahead. I’m sure you’ll have a great time working with Andy. You’ve been amazing helping us organize our work. We will definitely miss you. I hope you find the time to visit us in South America!



congratulations !

You have been amazing and thank you so much for everything ! Have fun with moths , I hope to come and join you and Andrew at some point :slightly_smiling_face:




Thank you Bri for being such a wonderful Community Coordinator, and for chairing so many meetings so gracefully and cheerfully (even when it was stupid o’clock for you). We have been lucky to have you.

I am sure you will have a great time in Panama with Andy.


I struggle to identify adequate superlatives to describe @briannaljohns’s considerate, generous, heroic - and as @julianstirling said, graceful and cheerful - leadership as GOSH Community Coordinator. You have set the benchmark for community coordination, and leave big shoes for a future :gosh: Community Coordinator to fill. Have fun in Panama, and…

thank you for your service :heart: :bowing_woman: :clap: :confetti_ball:


I echo the phrases said by @hpy and thanks for introducing me with @briannaljohns.

@briannaljohns you are such a nice person, I really liked the way about you presented about OScH during my first GOSH Welcome Call. We had quite good discussions during various meetings, including the GOSH Ambassador Working Group. You have helped me to expand my professional network within the sphere of OScH.

And it was such a nice to meet with you in London on 1st Jun.

Will miss you.

Wish you best of luck for another exciting journey. :slightly_smiling_face:
Best regards,