Shipping Address

Hi Organizers,
I am purchasing some items online that I would like them to be delivered at SOIL. Can you please supply me with the address that I can provide to the seller?


Hi @valerian I think this is the address, but I’m not 100% sure:

“The address in Chinese is 深圳市南山区 西丽大学城 清华大学深圳研究生院 J212 李季(收)518055 +86 18501959254. And in English is OpenFIESTA, 2nd floor, Building J, Tsinghua Campus in the University Town, Shenzhen 518055, P.R.CHINA. (phone No +8618501959254). I suppose Chinese would be better and with a phone No. so we can be informed the delivery.”

@JiLi or @besarzasella could you confirm?

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Can confirm that this is the address for Tsinghua University. Best to send here as myself or Ji can pick it up. Definitely recommend that you use the Chinese address for greater accuracy!

Thanks, have used this 深圳市南山区 西丽大学城 清华大学深圳研究生院 J212 李季(收)518055 +86 18501959254. Hope my parcel will be here soon!!