Shazam for Bats - GOSH ColDev

Hello everyone,

After some long admin time and other projects in the way, we are really happy to share the next steps in our project, Shazam for Bats - GOSH ColDev. We were awarded the “New Project Track” funding from GOSH’s 2022 Collaborative Development Program - Round 1 for this project a few months ago.

We will be using this thread to post updates from the project. In this post, we are sharing the next steps for the projects and the things we need to tackle in the next 3 months. We would love your participation and hope you will be interested in following our steps.


Our aims for the next phase of this project are:

  • To classify bats’ calls on a Raspberry Pi.
  • To optimise for low-power consumption and long-range transmission.
  • To document the project: the enclosure, the assembly, the installation, and the deployment.


  1. Migration to RPi
    Migrate Bat Classifier Algorithm to RPi
    Rework data transmission
    Rework database storage

  2. Redesign & Rework Enclosure
    3D Printing Section
    Cable Management
    Maintenance Access

  3. Document HW & SW
    HW Schematic, Assembly Manual
    HW Deployment
    SW Installation Manual


The advancement in the project will happen mainly on the GitHub Repository Shazam4BB. The repo is currently being built, but you can expect the following by the end of the project:

  • Documentation Folder: (1) design files to build enclosure, (2) manual for assembly, (3) manual for installation, (4) manual for operating the device.
  • Scripts Folder: (1) script to record, process, and analyse audio files, (2) script to transfer data and access data.

If you are interested in the current “Shazam for Bat” device, you have a look at this blogpost.


We are looking forward to keeping you posted on our progress and look forward to hearing your ideas, comments, and remarks.

Please feel free to directly comment on this post, write to @audevuilli or drop us an issue in the GitHub repository.

Thank you to GOSH and the GOSH Community for all your help and support. :green_heart: :bat:


Project Dates Summary

  • Oct 22 - Award agreement signed.
  • Dec 22 - Funds became available.
  • Jan 23 - Project deadline extended to April 23.

Looking forward to the full BOM and some initial instructions. I have some bats living in the waterwheel here who I would love to identify.

So I am very keen to help beta-test your instructions.