Seeking software developers for building a search engine for OSHW

We are building a search engine for open source hardware. Seeking two software engineers with experience in building crawlers and/or search engines. Interest in hardware (electronic engineering, mechanical engineering) and enthusiasm for open source a plus. This work is funded by NLNet and the resulting work will be made available to the public under free and open source licenses.

  • Location: Anywhere (remote, you’ll be checking in with me and I’m in UTC+1)
  • Start date: November
  • Commitment: full-time for 3 months
  • Remuneration: 4500 Euro a month (proof of concept site built in a few days, this project is to build that out into proper crawler and search)

Please email your CV to If you know of anyone that’s not on this forum that would be interested please do send them this text and ask them to get in touch.


Excellent initiative. Congratulations!

I will spread the news to help find the right talent. I wish you all the success in this endeavor, once it may represent a major contribution in the usage of OSH and the practice of open science in general.


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Very cool @kaspar! Is this possibly related to the work that @Moe does?

Yes, we are in touch about it already :slight_smile:

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