Seeking Partner Locations for the Next Gosh Gathering!

nobody has yet figured that out except making sure the time people spend together in an area is maximized to connect them with local groups and things that they wouldn’t have done/been able to otherwise


Not sure if this is of interest because of ability to bring in folks from certain countries to the US, but I’d love to host here in Ann Arbor MI in the US.

We have some great stuff here:

  1. Detroit Airport is very accessible nationally and internationally (it’s a main hub for Delta), and 35 minutes to Ann Arbor with a every 2 hour bus from 7a to 11p every day.
  2. We have multiple locations we could do it at. One might be our local makerspace - (, which is really awesome, well organized, and has lots of tools. People could do pre or post-events really using Makerworks to it’s fullest. But if that doesn’t work, there are many others. I could also work with local orgs to find low-cost and nice locations to meet.
  3. I live at a cohousing community - I could help organize some free places (I’d guess 5 - 15) for people to stay here for free. We also have a great common house space w/ kitchen and multiple rooms for at least part of the conference, or maybe pre-conference or post-confrence stuff.
  4. We have some beautiful nearby locations for bbq’s and all that we could do like Silver Lake. Lots of woods and lakes and all that.

I would love to play that role this year (rather than a primary organizer role), and would be happy to spend time finding local partners at U of M, or in our pretty extensive tech community.



The next IMCC7 will be held Oct 13-18 2024 in Cape Town South Africa. There’s an opportunity here for synergy.


Hello everyone,

This is Sachet Manandhar from Nepal representing Karkhana Samuha, an institution working on promoting hands on learning. We’ve been tinkering and experimenting for over a decade and a number of team members have be part of the GOSH events in the past.
Karkhana Samuha would be happy to host the upcoming event in Kathmandu, Nepal. Karkhana Samuha is very active with the community of educators, makers, engineers and. artists and have hosted similar events in the past.
It’d be an absolute experience to bringing members from all these diverse communities. Over the years, a number of makerspace have been set up to promote a maker culture and schools have also started having its own making spaces that allow children to tinker and build prototypes.
The Visa for Nepal is fairly accessible to citizens from different countries and in case of need we can facilitate and help our with the process.


Great i just wrote to them!

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Thanks @gbathree ! im about to send you an email from the working group

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