Seeking help on open source MRI scanner project

Hello GOSH community,

I’d like to introduce @tapas, who is part of a team of engineers in India looking to develop open source MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanners. I’m already connecting @tapas to @Moe from the Open Source Imaging initiative, and they have also spoken to @briannaljohns.

I want to seek input from the GOSH community about @tapas’s work, because I think you have relevant wisdom! For example, @julianstirling’s experience with open source medical devices design/manufacture, or @dusjagr’s work in the south-east Asia region may be very helpful.

In India, sometimes after accidents, hospital facilities are so far away that sometimes patients don’t get to an MRI machine in time for critical diagnoses. And some rural hospitals simply can’t afford to have MRI scanners.

Therefore, there is a strong need for a lower-cost and more mobile MRI machine, and the OSI project’s open source MRI scanner may be a great match.

@tapas’s team has connection to a professor at a premier university who might be able to provide workspace and student time to assist. And there’s also investor interest.

One challenge is in obtaining the magnets, which might have import/export restrictions w.r.t. China. They also seek help with the design process.

I’m not the subject area expert, but is there anyone here who may be willing to have a chat (in the forum or elsewhere) with @tapas about their work?

Those interested, please chime in!


just as a message to the rest watching this thread: we’ll have a meeting tomorrow at 15h CET – if anyone wants to join, happy to forward the invite :slight_smile:

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Just dropping some links to similar ideas i have come across. Maybe not directly related but still pretty interesting

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It is directly related; this guy is living and breathing open science hardware. He even looks a bit like @juul

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