Rotoforge: an affordable open source multimaterial 3D printer, for printing metal, plastic and ceramics on the home desktop

Hello everyone, I am a graduate student developing a free and open source hardware/software 3D printer designed to use friction stir surfacing and high shear extrusion machining to print high quality metals, plastics and ceramics on the home desktop. We are still in early days, but we are having some success in printing aluminum and copper, onto themselves and onto various ceramics, as well as organics like FR4.

Links below for those interested.

send me an email at
or message me on discord if you care to chat. I am always happy to have new ideas and suggestions and meet new people!


Excited to watch this project grow, thanks for sharing!

@mtlynn I see your GitHub repository uses the GNU AGPLv3 license, cool! It’s one of my favorite licenses.

That said, for the hardware components may I suggest using a hardware-specific open source license? For example, the CERN OHL-S-2.0 is the equivalent of the GPL but for hardware designs. Here is an example GitHub project using it. You can still use the AGPLv3 for all software/firmware components.

For some background, check out this thread on the efforts of the GOSH community that successfully made the CERN OHLv2 family of open source hardware licenses available on GitHub!