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Hi everyone.

@amchagas and I have spent some time thinking about how to make the GitLab roadmap more visible in the forum. I have written a GitLab Bot which searches for updates over the last month and issues untouched for 6 months. I can edit the format of this if it is annoying as it is.

If users have the same GitLab and forum names it will notify you. If you have different ones and want to be notified then I can make the bot do name translation.

Currently the bot code is on GitLab and there is a bot account. The bot account is used for API access to GitLab to read the issues, and it makes an issue another repository to remind me to upload the output here. I have not automated writing to the forum for now. I will give the bot login details to others (@gbathree @kaspar and @amchagas) to increase the bus factor above 1.

Any comments, or requests to cease and desist are welcome here.

I think the dump is really too long to be useful. Can we focus it in on 3/4 issues at a time? Maybe even as separate topics. The hope then would be that we nerd snipe some people into participating and allow further discussion within threads.

This was my worry too. I thought it best to just put something up and see. We can get the assigned pokers, to poke each issue, but this just moves them from one category into the next.

Any ideas how to condense things, for a useful summary?

I don’t think we can condense all this info. Just focus on one at a time. How about “most actively discussed roadmap issue this month” and a “neglected roadmap issue of the month” thread where we select a random issue?

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I like this idea. I suppose the challenge is that if we do 1 neglected issue a month then we have such a huge pot that never come up. If we do it more frequently then the bot will dominate the forum.

I suppose we could state the number of stale issue without posting them?

Then we won’t manage to nerd snipe people into picking up stale issues. We could maybe condense 3/4 neglected topics into one thread and post them monthly? The issue there is if people start discussing multiple topics in one thread on the forum it could be annoying. Maybe 1 every 2 weeks? I dunno… I think we should try something in this direction and we can adjust it if it doesn’t work or is annoying for some reason.

Sorry, I mean state the number as well. So each week it could be something like:

Neglected topic of the week

There are 112 neglected topics on the GOSH roadmap. The selected neglected topic of the week is:

Topic that was neglected

Labels: “A useful label”
Assigned to: @person

Please discuss the topic here if you want to.