Resources for Promoting/Interacting w/ OSH in K12?

Who should I read/follow for inspiration & direction about how to interact with GOSH at a middle school / high school level, and implement it at my school?

Does GOSH have any challenges or outreach for K12?

I got inspired at GOSH 2022 in Panama, and want to integrate OSH into a middle school/high school curriculum (IB MYP) that I’m developing for next year.

My goal is that after 3 years in the program at least one group of sophomores produce something that could be implemented at GOSH 2026.

Thanks Community!
is not explicitly directed to middle and high school students, but I think that some of the early activities, plus the 3D printing and laser cutting, could be done at lower levels.
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Jim Brenner, Florida Tech

Hi @cmartintx!

There are a couple of things happening in the GOSH Community that I think may be of interest to you, I’ll share them below :slight_smile:


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