Dinalab Jungle Tech Workshop Series!

Thanks again for sponsoring our workshop series!

I figured the events category is a good spot for all of us who got our events sponsored to share what’s happening and what will happen!

Today we had our very first in a series of primer workshops on different subjects for studying nature in the tropics!

Our first workshop was an intro to Arduino. We went through controlling actuators and handling input.

We also learned about solar panels viscerally and “tasted the sunshine”

Next week is camera traps and then 3D printing


Our @gosh_community sponsored, Jungle Tech workshop series continues with a day on CAMERA TRAPPING and ANIMAL TRACKING. We had a very @wildlivesclass -like day learning about different types of camera traps while also playing “what i do” the game for learning about behavior via footprints that Alex Hornstein and Lumen taught us at Dinacon. Then we set up some camera traps and left them. Hopefully we will catch a Jaguar!

Nuestra serie de talleres Jungle Tech patrocinada por @gosh_community continúa con un día sobre TRAMPEO DE CÁMARA y SEGUIMIENTO DE ANIMALES. Tuvimos un día muy similar a @wildlivesclass aprendiendo sobre diferentes tipos de cámaras trampa mientras jugábamos “lo que hago” el juego para aprender sobre el comportamiento a través de huellas que Alex Hornstein y Lumen nos enseñaron en Dinacon. Luego instalamos algunas cámaras trampa y las dejamos. ¡Ojalá cojamos un Jaguar!


Your Spanish is fantastic!


bahahhah estaba una colaboracion entre Yo y una computadora :slight_smile: