Report from 2nd Helmholtz Open Science Forum “Open Science and Transfer”

Hi All

I thought this report and set of slides from the 2nd Helmholtz Open Science Forum “Open Science and Transfer” was really interesting. I wasn’t there but I think the event was advertised here on the forum and @julianstirling was there presenting, so probably some others of you went too :slightly_smiling_face:.

Aside from Julian’s excellent presentation on the OpenFlexure Scope (starts at page 125), you might also be interested in learning more about the CERN Open Source Programme Office (CERN OSPO - starts at page 13).

A new one for me, Vladimir Voroshnin presented on the OpenTransfer project from Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf HZDR which puts a focus on Technology Transfer rooted in Open Science.

The slides are embedded in the report for the presentation “Open Science and Transfer Icebreaker: Open Toolbox for Technology Transfer; Reasons, Goals & Strategy” (from page 83 of the report PDF).

There are some interesting overlaps with the GOSH policy brief written by @jarancio “Open hardware is ready to help technology transfer offices maximise the impact of academic research” (blog, brief) and other work from this community. It will be really interesting to see future results from this project!



Thanks for sharing, Jenny. Indeed, an exciting range of talks and slides!

I’ve worked with Kathrin from GSI (responsible for the Open Transfer project you linked) while I was employed there and will remind her about our forum. Also happy to establish a link with her for specific requests or ideas if anyone is interested.